AtmaGo – supporting each other in this time of COVID crisis

As the impact of the coronavirus spreads across the nation and the world, we’re reaching out to let you know that our focus remains on empowering community members so they can respond to this pandemic and help one another in this time of need. COVID-19 is affecting us all and, as in times of disaster and crisis, marginalized populations are hit the hardest. These folks are AtmaGo users and they are already on the app to support each other and slow the spread of the virus. So far, from January 1, through March 14, 2020 there have been 69,643 views of posts related to COVID-19.

AtmaGo users are:

Sharing life-saving information

Connecting online and taking action

  • We are addressing social isolation by building community engagement online. Those who cannot leave their homes can make a difference in this time of crisis.
  • On AtmaGo people uplift each other, post positive content, and use it for psychosocial support

Fighting the spread of fake news

  • We fight the spread of misinformation and fake news with community ambassadors and staff who monitor and approve content.
  • 81% of users say they trust the information on AtmaGo. Accurate and trusted information is critical for appropriate action and resilience.

AND we need your support to take this effort to the next level

We are already hard at work developing new processes and features to support those who are most vulnerable. We are creating a dedicated COVID information and communication system so neighbors can help neighbors during this crisis. Atma needs support in developing: 

  • An I have/I need system where people within local areas can provide and request immediate support to/from their neighbors
  • A way to communicate emergency relief and services being rolled out during this period in their immediate area
  • A way to connect people to organizations providing psychosocial support during the lockdown period
  • A way to share and highlight resources and solutions around caring for family members, especially children and elderly
  • A needs assessment, via AtmaGo, to support government officials and iNGOs in identifying unmet needs so that aid and services can be more effectively delivered
  • Virtual citizen journalism and community advocacy training to engage and bring in new users to our platform. The crisis is just beginning and we need to continue to train communities on the importance of advocating for their needs to create the public policies that will support their resilience.

This is one of the most critical moments of our lifetime and we need your support to flatten the curve and help those most affected by this crisis.

We could not do this work without you!


Ari Turrentine

Operations and Program Director, Atma Connect 

P.S. Every dollar counts so please donate something meaningful to you whether it is $5 or $5K.




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