ESG Builder
for Companies and Organizations

Your ESG or CSR goals matched to vetted last-mile changemakers. Our Dashboard gives you real time insight into progress.

Reach your social impact goals with verified, real-time impact. We enable your success while empowering last-mile communities as valued changemakers

Connecting you with impact makers who will realize your social goals

We Help You to Connect with Impact Makers​

Atma has a long history of working with local communities and Changemakers around the world. We have a track-record of building tech-for-good solutions with support from leading philanthropies and socially conscious brands.

How ESG Builder Works

Your Goals Turned Into Last Mile Impact

The ESG Builder is an impact hub which enables companies and governments to directly engage with last mile changemakers to achieve their SDG goals. The ESG builder brings together changemaking organizations, enables them to quantify and validate their impact, share their stories and photos of impact, and have this impact be aggregated into custom dashboard that provides real-time, validated, aggregated impact at scale to share with and inspire ESG stakeholders.

Supercharge Your Impact Projects

How ESG Builder Works


ESG or CSR Goals Roadmap​

We will work with your team to identify which of your goals can be achieved at the last-mile, and the most effective ways of realizing and communicating your social impact mission. Stuck on where to start? No need to bring pre-existing goals. We can offer a range of meaningful projects for you to consider.


Collective Action Call on Community Impact Platform

Once you’ve settled on a project plan, we put out a Collective Action Call on the AtmaGo Community Impact Platform. That’s our way of reaching out to local changemakers and inviting them to become a part of your impact team. We handle the vetting process for you. You can watch the process unfold via the Dashboard.


Real-time Impact, Results, and Evidence

The ESG Builder Dashboard gives you a window into the project(s) you sponsor. It is designed to make impact outcomes crystal clear. We know you care about verified impact as much as we do. That’s why the Dashboard lets you see photos and track metrics right along with us.


Amplify Impact

ESG Builder’s Dashboard gives you the tools to share any project journey with your stakeholders. Let the people who matter to your organization see the work you are making possible and how it makes a difference to last-mile changemakers.

How ESG Builder Works

Partnering With Us Amplifies Your Impact

Our Dashboard and technology tools make your ESG and CSR programs easy to manage


How can I achieve my corporate ESG and CSR goals? We help you define a detailed project plan and match your goals to relevant projects from last-mile communities


How can I verify the results and show the impacts?
We identify the project metrics and ensure project impact is verified according to appropriate metrics


How to get these stories out and generate trust?
Get stories which are media ready for maximum utilization by your organization and exposure for your impact through multiple media formats and partners


Who will be able to implement these projects?
We find community based implementers for you, vetted last-mile Changemakers will be your new impact team members

Report and Communicate

How can I monitor and report to stakeholders?
Receive frequent reports highlighting key stories and quantified impact thorough a real-time dashboard that we provide

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Company or Corporate

Companies have made commitments to achieving CSR and ESG goals. They lack the ability to source high quality projects, connect directly with local communities who are having an impact, and an easy way to track and see the impact, interact with local communities, and create progress and summary reports.

Marketing Team

Customers want brands that are leaning into social impact. They want a way to transparently see the impact your brand is having — with evidence and authentic stories. Real, measurable and positive social impact builds corporate reputation and trust among employees, customers, local communities, and governments.
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